2002-2015 Boombang, Inc.  |  Creative Combustion

The Bed of Tomorrow

Boombang designed an expanded suite of bedroom solutions for Simmons, reaching far beyond the familiar narrative of comfort and support to encompass the total sleep environment. 

Recommendations included:

● Introducing a line of Simmons sleep accessories such as facemasks, alarm clocks, mattress toppers, side tables, and baby sensors integrating state-of-the-art technology, sound, scent, light and climate control.
● Expanding beyond the bedroom into the lucrative personal care (bath oils, aromatherapy candles) and functional foods (teas, elixirs) markets.
● Partnering with other high-end brands such as Virgin, W Hotels and Bentley to offer custom-designed beds and bedroom sets.

The Bedroom of Tomorrow

Boombang suggested shifting Simmons’ focus from the Bed of Tomorrow to the Bedroom of Tomorrow. This would not only differentiate Simmons from its competitors, but also create new opportunities to connect with consumers outside of traditional channels—all without any significant increase in advertising costs. Welcome to the Sleep Revolution.



Prepare for Drift-Off

Transforming Simmons from the better mattress company into the better sleep company.

Sleep as a Consumer Category

Simmons was looking to introduce the next big thing in mattresses. Boombang research revealed that 85% of adults say they don’t sleep well, but rarely blame their mattress, while sleep-related spending has reached over $30 billion. Simmons, we realized, could own sleep as the ultimate consumer lifestyle brand.