Gadgets Kids Would Mak‍‍‍e‍‍‍

As the number one entertainment brand for kids, Nickelodeon's successes already were as long as Squidward'‍‍‍s tentacles. But Boombang noticed untapped potential in their high-gloss, low-tech electronics division, so we contacted Nick about working with them. We soon found ourselves creating a line of products to meet the needs of the $570 million youth electronics market.‍‍‍

If You See an Opportunity, Take It.‍‍‍‍‍‍

Lead by Nickolodeon’s core philosophy that kids rule, Boombang began by asking ourselves: What would kids design for the‍‍‍mselves? After considerable brainstorming sessions and first class development work, we partnered with a licensee to develop, source and distribute Npower , a line of 20 technologically innovative, brand relevant, character-driven products for kids. These included digital cameras, photo frames, multimedia and MP3 players, and alarm clocks -- all possessing our unique solutions for intuitive user interface and rugged, kid-proof casings.

To Be First with Kids, P‍‍‍ut Kids First‍‍‍

Kids wield a spending influence of $1.2 trillion. Boombang helped Nickelodeon’s youth electronics program leap off the screen and directly into their audience’s hands.. and imaginations. The result was‍‍‍ Nickelodeon dominating the market and firmly establishing themselves with the next generation.

Happy Kids, Happy Client








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