Expanding the reign of “America’s Sweetheart” in the $333 billion personal care market.

Super Soups

With sales exceeding $1.6 billion annually, Bath & Body Works has been called “America’s Sweetheart” thanks to its die-hard fan base of American women who consider fragrance to be an essential part of their lifestyle. Boombang smelled an opportunity for these loyal customers to share their passion for scent with the men and children in their lives, and throughout their homes. We curated a complete constellation of innovative Bath & Body Works products for the whole family. Who’s happy? Everyone!

More Love to Give

Boombang analyzed the entire body care, home fragrance, beauty and gifts markets to generate a comprehensive strategy for Bath & Body Works and develop a mesmerizing array of brand-savvy household delights. Our unique line of products offers colorful, expressive designs for numerous home-fragrance accessories, custom blended scents for men, and a new menu of goodies for kids.

A Happy Home

Thanks to Boombang’s innovations, Bath & Body Works was able to expand their lucrative brand identity beyond female personal care product company to female, male, child and home care solutions company. This provides them with access to several valuable new markets in a highly competitive landscape, and gives them significantly increased mindspace with their existing core women customers.

Heart, Health, and Family All Get the Works.

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