The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver was an immediate hit. Today, it is the best-selling ab wheel on Amazon, and Perfect Fitness’ second-best sel‍‍‍ler out of 50 fitness products. Best of all, say Perfect Fitness executives, it furthers the company’s ultimate purpose: Modernizing fitness products so that real, functional benefits can be enjoyed by a wider range of people.

With over 800K units sold in two years, the category-leading Perfect Fitness Ab Carver -- one of this century’s most successful home fit‍‍‍ness products -- was researched, designed and engineered by Boombang in collaboration with the Perfect Fitness team.

Reinventing the Wheel‍‍‍‍‍‍

Having already teamed up with Boombang on the Perfect Pushup Basic, a product that helped drive sales to over 6 million units, Perfect Fitness knew where to turn for help with their next innovation.Simple, effective, and cheap, the ageless ab wheel -- a staple of the $3.2 billion consumer fitness equipment market -- was due for an upgrade in 2009. In a textbook exa‍‍‍mple of how our company works shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, Boombang helped Perfect Fitness identify the core (pun intended) problem: Although purchased by the millions, the devices were too hard for most people to use. We needed to make the ab wheel more accessible for the “unconditioned user.”

Make it More User Friendly

Boombang started with a sketch on a napkin and a wish list of desired features that Perfect Fitness thought would increase the ab wheel’s versatility and justify a premium market position. Numerous prototypes followed, resulting in our invention of a spring and clutch system with adjustable levels of resistance, and a motorcycle-inspired contact patch allowing users to not only roll but also carve their abs. Throughout the development, product testing, branding, and factory handoff, Boombang and Perfect Fitness functioned as a unified team.‍‍‍

Perfect Teamw‍‍‍ork

An Ab-solute Blockb‍‍‍uster





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