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Despite the fact that the outdoor recreation product market is valued at nearly $200 billion, innovation has been slow to infiltrate. When Harman International approached Boombang about a joint venture between its JBL Audio division (an audio electronics co‍‍‍mpany) and Under Armour, a leading performance sports apparel brand, we were all ears. Literally. The challenge was as big as the opportunity: How could we integrate Under Armour’s thirst for innovation-led products with JBL’s state-of-the-art audio technology to create the best protective outdoor headphones the market had ever seen... or heard?

Where’s the Innovation?

With our partners, Boombang set out to reinvent the protective range headset. We incorporated a combination of comfort and cutting-edge technology in active noise cancellation, p‍‍‍assive sound cancellation, and microphone array advances. The resulting UA Silencer Pro Series headphones give shooting range aficionados the power to adjust sounds, tuning into what they want to hear (voices), while eliminating steady state noises they don’t (gunshots). Boombang’s patented design influenced the creation of the most comfortable protection accessory offered to the public, which is still durable enough for military use.

Situational Hearin‍‍‍g

Under Armour already had established itself as an authentic and powerful brand in the sporting world. Now, with the introduction of the UA Silencer, they firmly extend their position in their $5‍‍‍00 million outdoor apparel business, while strengthening their brand by entering into the $336 million sports headphone market.

A Game-Changer in Outdoors Protective Equipment

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