Bringing radical innovation to the $10 billion X-ray industry.‍‍‍

The Spark That Changed the Future‍‍‍‍‍‍

Tribogenics had their hands on the first major breakthrough in X-ray science since it was first invented over 100 years ago. They knew this ‍‍‍would enable the imaging machines to become vastly more portable, safer, and more cost efficient. However, the company felt overwhelmed by productizing their technology. Here’s where Boombang stepped in, taking a scientific innovation from concept to market on an incredibly tight timeline, and helping Tribogenics to secure $10 million in Series B financing.

Making the Most of an‍‍‍ Invention

Tribogenics’ secret sauce was a DARPA-funded invention by UCLA scientists: a revolution in X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology. But how would anyone know about it or understand its applications without proof of concept? Boombang assisted Tribogenics in developing the Mustang rechargeable X-ray source and Watson, the world’s first affordable, easy-to-use XRF device for alloy identification -- allowing scientists, j‍‍‍ewelers, recyclers and manufacturers to analyze and positively ID hundreds of metals in mere seconds.

A great idea is nothing more than imagination and hope until someone experienced turns it into a marketable product. Boombang played an instrumental role in helping Tribogenics create a sellable low-cost device: completing design for manufacturing, conducting ergonomic studies, coordinating with engineers, identifying and establishing relationships with vendors, and managing the supply chain. The final product has the potential to double the $1.1 billion X-ray spectroscopy market.

From Discovery to Deliver‍‍‍y

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