Introducing an inn‍‍‍ovation in MRI technology with major impact on the bottom line.‍‍‍

Imagining ‍‍‍Tomorrow‍‍‍

There are over 20,000 MRI machines globally performing 30 million scans per year. These systems generate $5.3 billion in revenue on an annual basis -- a figure that is forecasted to grow at a 6% compound annual growth rate through 2018.

Boombang recognized an opportunity to make the MRI experience more pleasant for patients and more effective for researchers. We partnered with a team of top scientists -- including a leading expert in brain mapping at UCLA -- to develop and productize the cutting-edge SMRT Image technology, which achieves both these goals while also reducing healthcare costs and in‍‍‍creasing scanning revenue for for imaging centers and hospitals.

A Better MRI for All

SMRT Image offers two-way communication between patients and medical professionals, enhanced fMRI brain mapping‍‍‍ capabilities, and sophisticated audio-visual entertainment for patients during MRIs.This provides huge advantages to all parties:

● The AV functionality—which is compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and more—offers a comforting distraction for patients.

● The enhanced fMRI technology saves pharmaceutical companies time and money, and ensures that medications get to the people who need them faster.

Entertainment ‍‍‍Meets Improved Functionality

By reducing the need for repeat scans due to patient movement by up to 15%, as well as the need for pricey medications and anesthesia during MRIs, SMRT Image pays for itself in less than a year. For pharmaceutical companies, SMRT Image has been ‍‍‍proven to reduce the speed of transition from development to real-world delivery of new drugs by up to 50% and cost by up to 33%.

Clear Financial Impact







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