A revolutionary concept when it debuted in 2002 as Boombang’s first product, the Saddleco Flow suspension bike seat established the paradigm that is at the heart of our DNA today: Combine ‍‍‍a striking new design approach with cutting-edge materials to provide a life-changing improvement for consumers.

Reinventing the Age-Old Bike Seat‍‍‍‍‍‍

In the $50 billion bicycle product category, saddles were one of the most swapped-out aftermarket parts because they basically hadn’t changed in 100 years — and were infamously uncomfortable. Whether the seat was made of leather or plastic, had gel inserts or cut-out holes, it still caused chafing and numbness in the sensitive areas that matter most. The Boombang braintrust agreed: People need a better bike saddle, one that spread the load over a wider area.

Millions of Cyclists Wanted More Comfort – But Didn't Know It

For inspiration, Boombang looked to one of the world’s most comfortable and admired office products: the Herman Miller Aeron chair. We then created the world’s first cycling suspension sea‍‍‍t by cross-pollinating the Aeron’s ergonomic, hammock-inspired “suspension” backrest with an innovative fabric flexible enough to adapt to a shifting body, yet strong enough to handle the unique stresses of a bicycle. The result was a cross-hatched mesh surface that allowed for greatly enhanced airflow and all day chafe-free riding.

Bringing Office Chair T‍‍‍ech to Your Bicycle

The Saddleco Flow was rewarded with a runner-up “Product of the Show” award at the 2002 Interbike trade fair, dozens of positive magazine reviews, and strong consumer demand. Best of all, the positive reaction to the Flow put Boombang on the map — giving us the confidence to take our unique approach to problem-solving product design to the world.

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