With Kingdom for All, Boombang invented 33 products for the $58 billion pet care market.

A Better Breed of Pet Products‍‍‍

We no longer view ourselves as pet owners, but rather as caretakers of ‍‍‍our furry four-legged companions. We love them unconditionally, like children. There are over 145 million cats and dogs living in US households, not to mention millions of fish, birds, rodents, and reptiles. Seeing an opportunity to enter and dominate the $14 billion pet supply category, Boombang created Kingdom for All.

Pets Are Members of the‍‍‍ Family

Boombang developed a product venture for the four-legged domestic animal that upgrades functional items like the litterbox and leash with well-considered design. The resulting items are elegant yet durable and built for everyday use. Kingdom for All currently offers over 30 products and is looking to become the destination brand of the pet supply market.‍‍‍

Elegant Design for Eve‍‍‍ryday Life

There are few players in the realm of premium pet supplies, and none of ‍‍‍those brands are household names. With Kingdom for All, Boombang is taking the category to the next level, combining quality, industrial design, and human testing (with ease of use) with our superior brand positioning and package design experience to help our products stand out from the competition. Kingdom for All is a perfect trifecta: good for pets, good for their owners, and good for the planet.

Raising the Bar on Funct‍‍‍ional Form







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