Boombang successfully partnered with Jarden to help them enter the $333 bil‍‍‍lion personal care market, generating 5 category extensions and 25 new products.‍‍‍

Leveraging A Durable Goo‍‍‍ds Name‍‍‍

Jarden reached out to Boombang after we had collaborated with Outside Labs to create a sunblock and moisturizer line extension for famous ski-maker K2. They were looking to create new ‍‍‍products for three well-established durable goods brands: Coleman, Penn and Rawlings. Boombang first determined what equity from each brand would prove most powerful. Research showed that, for Coleman, it was rugged toughness and a sense of family. Rawlings stood for professional, all-American sport. And Penn was essential gear for the serious angler.

Powerful Brand Equ‍‍‍ity Easily Transfers

Next, Boombang worked with professional chemists to create products that included not only sunblock and moisturiz‍‍‍er (a $7 billion segment with a 16% growth forecast in the American market), but also lip balm, insect repellent, grip lotion, muscle tape, and wound care. We even developed a few totally new items in the personal care category, such as Itch Dots for Coleman and Grip Lotion for Rawlings.

Design with Purpose

The result of our collaboration with Jarden did not stop with the creation of more than two dozen consumable products under traditionally durable brand names. Boombang also helped the company to develop an entirely new brand, Scape, which wil‍‍‍l allow Jarden to enter the lucrative serious athlete market for the first time.

New Products and A Whole New Market

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