Launching the next generation connective TV platform for the $1 billion devices market.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

With the rise of the Internet as a channel for content delivery, the traditional television experience is being disrupted. Consumers are seeking ways to combine the rich discovery, personalization, and social interactions they associate with online experiences with the lean-back entertainment model enjoyed with traditional TV. Boombang worked with GeniusTV, a pioneer in cloud-based connected TV software, to help develop the next-generation TV experience.

A New Way to Watch TV

Boombang worked with GeniusTV to develop a UI/UX framework and specific interfaces to deliver an integrated, powerful connected TV experience. The designs enable customers to find personalized content recommendations and easily share with friends, no matter what the content source or device they are watching on. The GeniusTV experience ultimately offers the best of television and the Internet.

Internet Power + TV Fan

By enabling service provides, device manufacturers, and content owners to make it easier for their customers to find desirable content—no matter what device they are using—Boombang and GeniusTV are helping drive more engaging consumer experiences. Customers of the technology are finding that their-end users are more engaged, consume more content, and achieve higher satisfaction. At the same time, the interactions created through GTV offer service providers a more complete picture of who their users actually are, opening up new revenue streams.

Greater Engagement, More Information



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