The epitome of cool in American culture, the back pocket comb was ready for a makeover.‍‍‍‍‍‍

Making Cool Even Cooler

For decades, ACE owned American men’s back pockets as the comb of choice for “real men” like James Dean and Elvis, their brand epitomizing quality, durability and cool. But when Newell  Rubbermaid saw the need for an image update, Boombang was there to help. We redesigned  and re-engineered a line of traditionally “female” grooming products for men, tapping into a $33 billion global market that is experiencing 6% annual growth. The result? Over a dozen patents and a resurrected brand.‍‍‍

Beyond the Iconic Ba‍‍‍ck-Pocket Comb

In collaboration with Boombang, ACE expanded its men’s product line to include grooming tools for hair, face, hands and feet, such as tweezers, scissors and nail clippers. The line is race car sexy and rugged, and it equips a new generation of fashionable gents with the gear they need. With its stylized yet practical products, ACE once again sets the benchmark for quality, durability and cool.‍‍‍

The Full Monty

A complete brand makeover offered ACE the opportunity to grow alo‍‍‍ngside America’s changing needs -- in fact predicting them and leading the pack. In recognizing the men’s grooming trend and truly understanding the meaning of being an icon, Boombang was able to help ACE create longevity and brand continuity while also being fresh, so that it can set the standard for another 156 years.

A Metrosexual Make‍‍‍over

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