Making Her Smile with Delight

Boombang and Trojan’s radical introduction of Trojan Vibrations made waves among women -- and helped establish the brand in a new category.

Sexual Liberation at the Retail Counter

The sexual revolution didn’t end with the fall of disco; it’s been marching onward to a place where women want and expect mutual sexual satisfaction. Trojan, America’s number one condom brand, was keen on developing new items for the female market without lessening their masculine identity. So they partnered with Boombang to create Trojan Vibrations, a line of products that have since generated approximately $50 million in incremental revenue.

Designed for Her Pleasure

With Trojan Vibrations, Boombang helped Trojan go beyond the safety factors of avoiding pregnancy and STDs to the joys of being sexually empowered. Our guiding insight was that women were looking to spice up their relationships by bringing in another sensation for partner play. So we executed the sleek industrial design for a line of products in the growing category of self-massagers (a.k.a. vibrators). We also helped create the product positioning strategy, exploring every angle from permission and fashion to fantasy, fun and health.

Owning the Bedroom

Since launch, the Trojan Vibrations line of products have enjoyed strong performance wherever they are sold--online and at major mass retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart. The current goal is to leverage the $50 million in existing revenue to own the $15 billion sexual accessories category, becoming the household brand name in the bedroom.

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